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Keynote: Harvesting Waste Heat from a Data Center for Reuse in Aquaculture and Greenhouse Facilities

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Overview: This webinar will discuss how The Foundry Project will produce fish at Northcoast Fish Farms, LLC, by employing high-tech aqua-culturists using the latest technology to produce a valuable commodity that will provide food for thousands of consumers. Its greenhouses and orchards will utilize the waste streams from the fish farm to provide nutrients for fruits and vegetables at the site. A Data Center will provide waste heat which will be used to provide heat to the aquaculture and greenhouse facilities at the site. Other businesses will provide live-fish brokerage services as well as technological services for a tech incubator. “Balanced” on top of the building will be an arts incubator. The group’s objective is to employ sustainable means and methods to create jobs for people, profits for investors and art for the community.

J ShoreyJ. Duncan Shorey, President and CEO of The Foundry Project
J. Duncan Shorey is an environmental attorney who has long focused on redevelopment projects in the urban environment. One of Mr. Shorey’s key skills is his ability to identify and motivate others to accomplish challenging situations and tasks. In short, his ability is to identify the particular challenges associated with a project, and build the best team to successfully tackle the project. Mr. Shorey is also an excellent problem solver, a key skill in a project where there are so many unknowns. The Foundry Project is the result of many years of research and effort to transform an outdated, wasted asset into something unique and forward looking – the definition of a transformative project.