Below are the questions asked during the event, along with their respective answers.

Q: Which is your MOQ for custom product?
A: The price of a custom product is based on the complexity of machining and the number of parts produced. Therefore, we can respond that making one sample is doable.

Q: How have challenges with leaking under shock & vibration environments been improved in the few years, and can we expect zero leakage in a rugged environment?
A: In a rugged environment, we will recommend connectors with guiding, and/or mechanical locking adapted to shocks or vibrations. If the proper product is selected, leaks will not occur.

Q: For materials compatibility of aluminum, plated brass, etc. do you have long-term testing programs to ensure reliability with 2 phase fluids? Do you have a target 2-phase fluid you use to test with?
A: We have an internal test program to verify the compatibility of the materials (metals and elastomers) with fluids, the goal being to evaluate the potential damages that the fluid connector would incur, leading to a degradation of its performance. We do not target a specific fluid, as many customers are using different flavors.

Q: How long does it take to qualify to a new fluid?
A: It takes a minimum of one month to two months.

Q: do you suggest to connect/disconnect without pressure? Which is the max pressure of connection/disconnection that won’t damage components?
A: In order to guarantee the integrity of the mechanical components, it is always best to connect/disconnect without pressure. We know if it is not possible in the field, so we will provide custom answers based on our customer’s parameters.

Q: What are the tests you perform to determine the compatibility of elastomers?
A: In general, we do a soak test. Some customers may require additional tests.

Q: Do you have different terminations besides threaded ones? Maybe hosebarb, elbow barb, etc.
A: We offer threads and hose barbs depending on QD size and range.

Q: Are any of your QDs suitable for R290 or R600?
A: We are familiar with these fluids. We can provide the right combination of materials for proper compatibility with R600 and R290.

Q: Soak test does not completely represent the phenomena of two-phase extraction and absorption. Do you have the capabilities of the Soxhlet extraction test?
A: We work closely with our elastomer suppliers who are equipped to do the Soxhlet extraction test.

Q: Considering custom products which is your standard lead time?
A: It depends on the level of customization. If a standard answer must be given, we would say a minimum of 4 weeks.