Below are the questions asked during the event, along with their respective answers.

Q: If there are no licenses, how does OnScale charge money?
A: OnScale’s business model is purely based on the compute time it takes for a model to be solved. This industry-first pay-as-you-use model is diametrically opposed to legacy licensing schemes. Removing hardware and licensing constraints massively boosts engineer productivity, reduces cost, risk and time to market.

Q: Can OnScale import CAD files? If yes, what are the typical formats?
A: Yes, users can import CAD files into OnScale. We support all the commonly used formats such as Soliworks, Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, IGES, and STL

Q: Can I run OnScale using my custom scripts from Matlab or Python?
A: Yes, OnScale’s solvers are completely detached from our GUI which means that the cloud solver can be called from any workflow. Through this, OnScale is enabling the use of physics-based models anywhere that the customer needs them, and as much as they need them. This is an enabler for Digital Twins, more accurate System Level modeling, and many more integrated simulation workflows.

Q: Can I import multiple power maps into OnScale? What formats does OnScale support?
A: OnScale allows users to import powermaps through any ASCII configuration, with CSV being common. OnScale also allows for time and temperature-dependent powermaps giving users more flexibility to replicate the actual chip power utilization.

Q: Will this be able to model solder joints or adhesive layers?
A: Yes, we can model the solders or the adhesive layers as required for the simulations. One of our big strengths is modeling all the different length scales in a single, often massive, model. This is where the real power of OnScale comes to bear, by creating supercomputers on-demand on AWS and GCP and deploying our scalable solvers – users can now tackle these huge simulations in a matter of hours. No need for an on-site HPC or HPC enabled license – simply set-up the problem, choose the number of cores and execute.

Q: Does OnScale only apply for small scale devices? Or can you simulate a full PCB?
A: We can simulate the full PCB with all the detailed metal traces and vias. We are constantly working to improve our integrations with ECAD tools to enable a seamless transfer of data.

Q: Can you also model mechanical housing holding PCBs and chips?
A: Yes, we can model the full enclosure along with the PCB and the Chips. The unique combination of scalable solvers and on-demand Cloud HPC makes this type of large scale simulation now possible and practical. Modeling the full system without compromising on the details is one of the key pain points that OnScale addresses.

Q: Can your solvers run two-phase flow and thermal problems?
A: We have solvers in development that will tackle two-phase flow problems for a number of applications, including thermal. We are actively looking for partners to work with in this development effort and would be happy to speak with you in more detail.

Q: What physics can be solved by your solvers?
A: Structural, Thermal, Piezoelectric, Electromagnetic, Electrostatic, and Fluids.