Below are the questions asked during the event, along with their respective answers.

Q: Fig.14a. The schematic diagram of uses a periodic heating
pattern into a long strip of test sample by Angstrom theory” is the caption but it doesn’t make sense. Something is missing there.

A: Please find the literature about the principal of Amstrong method. Figure 14a only shows you the schematic diagram about the sine wave temperature.

Q: At what value of T should one switch to the 2D test sample (from Figure 22 to Figure 23)?
A: The criteria of the 1D and 2D depends on the τvalue which is τ=T/L, T is thickness, L is thermal traveling length, when 0.02≤τ <0.066 , it is 1D, when τ<0.02 or τ≥0.066 , it is 2D.