2016 Technical Program On Demand


Simulation for Printed Circuit Board Design Reliability

Overview: The complexity of modern printed circuit boards (PCBs) presents design reliability challenges – from electrical, thermal, and mechanical perspectives. This webinar will review state-of-the-art simulation techniques to analyze power and signal integrity, predict thermal performance, and overcome thermal stress, opening the door to reliable PCB designs at minimal cost and time to market.

Speaker: David Geb


Product Demo

Autodesk Ember 3D Printer, a Thermal Management Case Study

Overview: Electronics used within products are constantly changing and improving, but the need to ensure proper cooling of these components remains key to producing a successful product

Speaker: Jim Byrne

Q&A: Ryan Abel


Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers – Useful Guidelines for Heat Sink Implementation

Overview: This webinar will cover two-phase device similarities, differences, misconceptions, best uses, sizing and performance modeling through the presentation of numerous examples.

Speaker: George Meyer


Novel Thermally Conductive Low Pressure Over-Mold Materials as a Solution for Thermal Management

Overview: By replacing the TIM, heat sink and protective housing by a single thermally conductive, protective thermoplastic over-mould material, system performance can be maintained and the assembly process streamlined. In the following presentation, the processing and performance of such materials will be discussed.

Speaker: Art Ackerman


Increasing Product Reliability with Automated Thermal Model Calibration

Overview: Electronics are designed into dynamic and often unpredictable environments. The dynamic thermal behavior of the device influences its operation, reliability, and ultimately the end-user experience. Failure to properly capture the dynamic thermal behavior leads to overdesign, more field failures, and longer design cycles. This session will introduce an automated method to calibrate thermal models against dynamic measurement.

Speaker: John Wilson


Wearables and Touch: Cutting Edge Solutions are Never Too Hot to Handle!

Overview: In this session, you will gain an edge with an understanding of the impact of touch technology in today’s wearable devices manufactured using Printed Electronics processes.

Speaker: Joan Solven


The Fluid Network – Optimizing Hydraulic and Thermal Performance

Overview: This presentation and discussion offers insights on how to plan and engineer a robust, reliable, and affordable liquid installation by optimizing both the subcomponents and the system as a whole.

Speaker: Chris Chapman


Utilizing Thermoelectric Devices to Optimize Thermal Management Systems

Overview: New products and applications require thermal management systems that push new limits of power density, effectiveness and environmental reliability. In this seminar, Phononic will lead a discussion that educates the audience on application characteristics in which thermoelectric devices excel.

Roundtable Moderator: Chris Caylor

Abhishek Yadav, Sr. Device and Applications Engineer
Jesse Edwards, Director of Systems Engineering
Alex Guichard, Senior Product Manager on the Electronics Cooling team at Phononic


Product Demo

Aerospace Electronics Simulation with 6SigmaET

Overview: Learn about the challenges faced by avionics designers, and how 6SigmaET addresses these with an ATR chassis case study.

Speaker: Ananth Sridhar


Selecting the Most Ideal Thermal Management Solution: Manufacturing Process/Technology

Overview: We will describe a progression of manufacturing methods that the audience can consider when working their own thermal challenges.

Speaker: Mark Pelillo