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Liquid Cooling – Practical Guidelines to Design & Manufacture

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Overview: Industry trends continue to produce smaller footprints with higher power densities. In some cases, Liquid Cooling is the answer for cooling your application. This discussion will go over the basic design and structure of several standard and custom liquid cooling solutions while highlighting the manufacturing process most appropriate for your application.

Mark PelilloMark Pelillo, Director of Engineering
Mark Pelillo is the Director of Engineering at Wakefield-Vette. Mark has been in the electronics cooling design industry for over 25 years and has been a pivotal part in introducing new technologies to the marketplace.
Mark earned his engineering degree at Clarkson University. Mark has been with Wakefield-Vette since 2005, where he leads the engineering team. This team supports existing customer challenges, while researching and introducing new technologies to market. Mark’s vast experience not only with design but in manufacturing, allows Wakefield-Vette’s customers to improve their thermal performance while simplifying the manufacturing steps to meet specifications.