2015 Thermal Management Product of the Year

Innovation drives solutions in every field of technology, including thermal management.
So, we are pleased to announce the first ever Thermal Management Product of the Year contest, hosted by Thermal Live™.

The 2015 winners have been announced below!

First Place

SinkPAD LLC – SinkPAD Direct Thermal Path PCB SinkPAD is a Direct Thermal Path PCB technology. SinkPAD product eliminates use of a dielectric material completely from a thermal path of a high power LED, reducing LED junction temperature more than 10 degree Celsius. SinkPAD offers metal to metal contact between LED’s thermal pad and base metal of printed circuit board thus offers best possible thermal transfer rate. Read More View product videos here.

Second Place

Honeywell PTM6000 thermal interface material Honeywell’s PTM6000 series is a highly thermally conductive Phase Change Material (PCM) developed for high reliability applications that maintains excellent performance through reliability testing. Available in pad or paste format, it delivers stable thermal impedance (<0.08˚Ccm2/W) and proven superior reliability: over 3000 hours at 150˚C bake, 4000 temperature cycles (-55 to +125˚C), and 192 hours of highly accelerated stress tests. Read more

Third Place

Henkel GAP PAD™ EMI 1.0 With a thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m-K and EMI absorption for frequencies above 1GHz, GAP PAD EMI 1.0 is the market’s first ever extremely low stress thermal interface material that unites thermal conductivity with EMI absorption capabilities. Its ability to conform to various topographies and provide a high degree of flexibility ensures exceptionally low stress on solder joints. Read more


T-global Technology Co. Ltd. TGX 12W/m.K Thermal conductive heatsink silicone gap interface pad

  • High compressibility
  • Low hardness
  • Nature tack

Features: Very good thermal conductivity; Compliancy, high compressibility; Natural tack; Low hardness (Shore 00); Low oil bleed- long term stability; Electrical insulation; REACH Compliant; and RoHS Compliant
Usually used for industrial computers, military products, electronic components and DDR ll Module, DVD Applications, Hand-set applications…..etc. Read more

Mentor Graphics Corporation FloTHERM XT Software Mentor Graphics® FloTHERM® XT software provides advanced thermal management capabilities for electronic systems, PCBs and packages of any geometric complexity. It’s the industry’s first integrated mechanical design automation and electronic design automation solution for fast and accurate thermal design simulation and analysis. Its CAD-centric technology and mesher simulate complex shapes and geometries for early design virtual prototyping and “what-if” analysis. Read more

Kooltronic Hazardous Location Series Air Conditioners Kooltronic Hazardous Location Series Air Conditioners provide the durability and safety required by hazardous location applications through robust engineering and industrial-grade construction. The patent pending design represents a major advance in safety and reliability. Utilizing the enclosure’s existing purge system, these units are offered at a lower cost than traditionally designed hazardous location units. Read more

Wavelength Electronics, Inc. WTCP 5V5A PWM Temperature Controller Efficient, PWM 5A Temperature Control – The WTCP thermoelectric controller combines high efficiency Pulse-Width Modulated control with temperature stability to 0.0009°C. Features include: separate heating- and cooling current limits, voltage limit, versatile interface signals to simplify integration into a wide range of applications, and an easy-to-use component selection calculator. Portable, airborne, and space-constrained applications are ideal places to use the WTCP. Read more

EPO-TEK® 113-119-4 UV/Epoxy Hybrid EPO-TEK® 113-119-4 is a single component, thermally conductive and electrically insulating hybrid epoxy with exceptional die shear strength. This material was specially designed to allow for a fast, UV pre-cure to tack parts in place, followed by a downstream thermal post cure. Its many advantages can benefit several industries including: semiconductor die attach and bonding of SMDs for hybrid microelectronics. Read more

GrafTech International HITHERM HT-C3200 HITHERM™ HT-C3200 eliminates the compromises of performance and reliability that exist with traditional thermal interface materials for high power density devices. This breakthrough graphite based thermal pad compresses from 200 microns down to 50 microns, removing air voids between power modules and heat sinks while eliminating pump out and dry out failure modes. Read more

TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. Hybrid Benchtop Chamber The New TotalTemp Hybrid Benchtop Chamber combines thermal conduction & convection into one incredibly fast and efficient design. Utilizes the benefits of a thermal platform integrated into a small accessible benchtop temperature chamber. Advanced fully featured controller can operate both control zones independently or together.

  • Temperature Range: –100°C to +150°C
  • Faster cycle times
  • Improves thermal gradients
  • Timesaving convenience

Read more

Noren Products Certified Hazardous Location Heat Exchanger The world’s first ATEX / IECEx Certified Heat Exchanger designed for Hazardous Location applications. Units provide reliable waste heat removal for sealed enclosures and panels using Noren’s standard-setting heatpipe technology, all while maintaining a complete seal ensuring cleanliness and safety. With this line of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers, Haz Loc applications now have an answer to the need for unyielding durability, low maintenance and high efficiency while still remaining premium quality and easy to use. Read more

SANYO DENKI America, Inc. – San Ace 40 9HV type High Static Pressure Fan SANYO DENKI San Ace 40 9HV type 40x40x28 mm high static pressure fan features the industry’s highest static pressure and provides for efficiently cooling 1U sized equipment such as servers, data storage systems, telecom equipment, and power supplies. It offers PWM for controlling the rotational speed of the fan, as well as reduced vibrations from its rigid aluminum frame. Read more

Calyos – 2-Phase Enhanced Air Cooling Designed to stretch the air cooling boundaries, the 2-Phase Enhanced Air Cooling is the ultimate cooling solution for high density air-based servers. These Loop Heat Pipes are as powerful as liquid but as simple as air: Rth (Case to Air) below 0.15K/W, Power up to 1000W, but Water-free, Pumpless and 100% Passive! The perfect compromise between Power and Energy Efficiency! Read more

CoolIT Systems – Rack DCLC™ AHx20 Rack DCLC™ AHx20 is a top-of-rack liquid-to-air heat exchanger that packs an incredible amount of heat load management into a small form factor. AHx20 is perfect for compute environments that are lacking space, big on compute and don’t have access to facility water.

  • Supports 20kW+ cooling capacity p/rack.
  • Dramatically increases CPU/GPU density.
  • Offers HPC in a variety of compute environments.

Read more

Cradle North America Inc. – PICLS – Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Thermal Analysis Made Simple Software Cradle announces PICLS, an easy to use, real-time, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) thermal analysis tool that uses a 2-D graphical interface for intuitive operation. PICLS models multi-layer PCBs, foil thickness, and vias. Generate and import semiconductor components from ElectronicsPartsMaker. Output PICLS results as a report or seamlessly import them into scSTREAM or HeatDesigner to perform system design. Read more

NETZSCH Instruments North America LLC – LFA 467 HyperFlash – Light Flash Thermal Conductivity Analyzer This instrument is used to accurately measure thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of electronic packaging materials according to ASTM E1461 between -100 and 500°C by Xenon Flash. The system features patented ZoomOptics, optimizing the field of view of the detector and an ultra-fast sampling rate (up to 2 MHz) enabling measurement of thin and highly conducting materials. Made in USA. Read more

Panasonic – Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Panasonic’s Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet or PGS, is an ultra-thin, lightweight, graphite film with a thermal conductivity high enough to release and diffuse heat generated by heat sources such as CPU’s, processors, power amplifiers, etc. With a thermal conductivity up to 4x greater than copper, PGS is extremely pliable and can be applied to heat-source shapes in high density mounting situations. Read more

Orion Fans – AFM Series Fan & Filter Fan Air Flow Monitor The AFM Series is a small, low-cost air flow monitoring system for AC or DC fans & blowers. The AFM module protects expensive equipment and systems from heat buildup by operating an optical LED or audible alarm when airflow falls below 8.2 ft/s. It is field retrofittable and mounts via clip to the front or intake side of the fan. Read more and view product video

AI Technology, Inc. – COOL PAD CPR7156 COOL PAD CPR7156 is a patented compressible phase-change thermal interface material. It is boron nitride crystallite filled and electrically insulating. Above 45°C, COOL PAD CPR 7156 is compressible for gap filling applications, eliminating trapped interface air pockets and voids and enhancing thermal transfer from power device to heat-sink. At 60ºC, COOL PAD CPR 7156 melt-flows, eliminating trapped air between interfaces. Read more

EsDesign – CPU Cooler The EsDesign CPU Cooler performs 3 times better than commercial CPU coolers, with a ∆T of 0.167˚C/W; the best available commercial coolers have a ∆T of 0.44˚C/W.

EsDesign CPU Cooler; non exotic, direct to air, performs better that water cooling. Bill of materials; not expensive. Available for license. For more information, contact Stuart at sds@esdesign.org.