2015 Technical Program

Keynote: Harvesting Waste Heat from a Data Center for Reuse in Aquaculture and Greenhouse Facilities

A Practical Guide to Using Two-Phase Heat Sinks

Liquid Dispensed Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

Thermal Management Challenges, Requirements and Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Small Form Factor Cooling with Jet Air Mover Technology

Extending Moore’s Law through Innovative Active Cooling

Liquid Cooling – Practical Guidelines to Design & Manufacture

IMAGINE: Drawing Out Heat, Leaving in Performance and Reliability

High Temperature TIM for Power Modules that Eliminates Pump-out and Dry-out Failures

PCB Design Strategies in Handheld Devices

Composite Metal Heat Spreaders in Handheld Electronics Design

Spreadsheet Based Thermal Resistance Networks

Guaranteeing Reliability with Thermal Cycling