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2015 Thermal Resources

Download the following free white papers, presentations and application notes.

Control Resources, Inc. – VIDEO

Control Resources, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide mix of custom and off-the-shelf microcontroller-based and analog power electronics under one roof.

The Advantages of I2C in Fan Control – White Paper

Presented by : Control Resources
I2C or IIC (Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus) was originally intended to be used in audio equipment, where a microcontroller-based system was often required to control multiple components. However, the I/O requirements to interface each device in a small circuit board that fit into an automotive head unit became in impossible task given space and cost constraints; thus, the I2C protocol was created in response. Check out this resource for more information on implementing I2C protocol in fan control applications.

Thermal Heatsinks Management Solutions – Datasheet

Presented by : T-Global
Heat sinks are a quintessential tool for managing heat dissipation in a variety of electronic designs and arrays. Download this datasheet to learn more about the different variations in types, sizes and finishes of heat sinks available.

Integrating Fan Control with Advanced Telecom Architecture – White Paper

Presented by : Control Resources
Two types of ATCA-compliant chassis cooling methods exist—do you know which one to choose? Download this white paper to learn more about the function, advantages and disadvantages of using intelligent field replaceable unit (FRU) and managed or non-intelligent FRU.

Fundamentals and Properties of Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape – Datasheet

Presented by : T-Global
Commonly used to facilitate heat transfer between electronic components and a heat sink, thermal tape is cost effective, provides good adhesion and thermal conductivity. View this datasheet for more specifications.

Fan Controller Technologies and Power Consumption – White Paper

Presented by : Control Resources
While adding speed control to a fan is generally understood to save energy, the wide range of control technologies available can make selecting the most energy efficient solution complicated. Learn more about testing motor controllers in order to select the best choice for your application by downloading this white paper.

Properties and Applications of Non-silicone Thermal conductive Pads – Datasheet

Presented by : T-Global
Offering low thermal impedance, electrical insulation and good thermal conductivity, thermal pads are good for transferring heat away from small electronic components. Download this datasheet for more information on the best specifications for your device.

The Eclipse: Variable Speed DC Brushed Motor Drive – Datasheet

Presented by : Control Resources
Commonly used due to their low cost and simple drive control options, brush DC motors typically generate torque using a series of permanent and rotating magnets; but can be controlled though other means. Download this white paper to learn more about digital PWM motor control.

Introduction to Thermal Interface Materials and their properties – Catalog

Presented by : T-Global
While a variety of thermal interface materials exist, each provides its own unique amount of thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, tack and hardness. Check out this datasheet for more information selecting a TIMs for a specific application.

What is a Stroboscope and How to Use One? – White Paper

Presented by : Control Resources
Stroboscopes are diagnostic inspection tools used to flash a high intensity light to create a stop motion effect on a moving part; however, to measure the rotational speed (RPM) of a motor, the stroboscope must be able to see the full 360° rotation of a face on the part. Check out this datasheet for more information on using these tools.

Thermally Conductive Pads with Ultra High Thermal Conductivity – Datasheet

Presented by : T-Global
With good electrical insulation and compressibility, ultra-high thermally conductive thermal pads are well suited for industrial and military components. Download this data sheet for more specifications on these TIMs.